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LinkedIn and how to get clients

Today we want to share with you an article that you will be very useful. In addition to the world of social networks most known as Facebook e instagram there is another that is used by more companies to contact. Linkedin is today the largest professional social network on the planet and we have to bear in mind that 45% of people who have a profile on it are people who take decisions, so that if your company is oriented in the B2B you can not let it pass. Here we leave about 8 tips to take advantage of this social network:

1. Share relevant updates

Do not fill out your status with marketing messages impersonal without interest. Instead, you can start to comment and advise people that has impressed you.
Update your status with information super interesting that educate your network. Presented to individuals who have synergy among them.
You can also start group discussions and participate in discussions of other people.

2. Investigate your potential customers

Advanced Search beam based on your ideal user, in order to have a deeper knowledge of who they are. It is very simple to put name and surname, everything is there … Then síguelos and examines worries them, it is of interest that matter to them.
Requested service to your customers satisfied and happy with your service, they can recommend. If possible, connect to your new contacts outside of LinkedIn. The face to face, still remains a powerful weapon.

3. Create a profile that highlights

First of all complete and Optima your profile on LinkedIn. An incomplete profile gives the feeling to your target market that are neglected and unprofessional.
LinkedIn is a multi-channel platform that leaves add a series of documents to your profile. You can use videos, images, PDF documents to make your profile more visual and attractive.
Make sure that your profile on LinkedIn shows who you are and how you can attend other.

4. Send welcome messages to new contacts

Not going to take an hour to create a message. Make sure that always and in every time you send a message of welcome to add value and in addition to this will assist you to build a better relationship.

5. Answers questions

Begin to answer questions from people that ask for help related to your niche. Tomato approximately two minutes when day. Give as much information as possible, delivery long value and seeks to be an alternative option for the person who makes question.
Then send a private message to follow up by saying that you would like to connect by telephone to give you a brief help and see if you can go in other topics.
This strategy may bring you new customers for the service. Answer questions and you will see the results.

6. Participate in group discussions

If you have not noticed, it is possible to build a business in the groups of LinkedIn. Some groups have hundreds and hundreds of thousands and thousands of responsible people who make decisions that are highly recommended to be potential customers for your business.
The more attractive topics share, and ofrezcas your experience in different conversations, more people are going to be aware of who you are, to whom aid, and that you have to offer.

7. Make recommendations

If you know someone who has a good product or good service that gives you good results, be sure to make a “good recommendation”.
The more recommendations have a person in your profile, more people are going to be interested in adquire you. And here comes the “factor of reciprocity”; the more recommendations des, the more you receive in exchange. Helping others achieve “Potential customers”, you also aid to achieve more contacts.
Have good recommendations in your profile may be the “push” that needs someone to contact you or no.

8. Pay. Buy the premium service

If you are interested in capturing customers by means of Linkedin, the first thing that you have to know is that in this social network users have at their disposal a series of professional services, among those are the “Sales Solutions”. It is a service of payment (58,99 euros/month or 575,88 euros/year), which makes access to Linkedin with a professional profile of Sales and count with:

15 messages InMail (messages to contacts without being connected to them).

Advanced Report of people who visit your profile.

Advanced Search with generator of leads.

unlimited profiles in the search results unlimited (up to the third degree).

Automatic “Recommendations system deLinkedin opportunities.

Business Reports in real time.

This service Linkedin to commercial means going beyond the basic profile and can be worthwhile if it wants to exploit the full power of this social network professional. Many of the actions that offers Linkedin with your services sales are not feasible with other profiles, with what use may be a factor differential with other companies that prefer to do prospecting for new customers of the service by other channels.
It is an opportunity that can be contracted with a few clicks, and in addition to this, has a free trial period of three days in which full service is available without payment of any fee.

In short:

When you start to use LinkedIn correctly. When you use LinkedIn to give… there is when they reach the business. People do business with people committed and contributing value.

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